Add a Horse for Sale to our Catalog

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You’re now a member of BRIDL and you want to sell a horse with us?

Our team will be here to help you during the entire sales process, however know that once you have a validated user account, you will be able to add horses for sale directly from the platform’s dashboard.

Step 1: Click on ‘List a New Horse’

When on the platform’s dashboard, you’ll be able to see a strong offering of horses for sale, a menu, and a bunch of filters? However, to list a new horse for your sale, click on the ‘List a New Horse‘ on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Search your Horse on our Database

Imagine that in this specific case, you’re wanting to sell ‘Vapiano du Prado’. The only thing that you have to do is search the name of your horse within our database.

In the specific case of Vapiano, several horse came up. All you have to do is click on the correct one and verify the profile, sports results and pedigree. Just to make sure the profile is complete and everything is correct.

You can now check the Sports Results, the Pedigree and the Profile of the Horse.

The Pedigree of Vapiano du Prado

The profile of Vapiano du Prado
The Sports Results of Vapiano du Prado

You can now check the information, and make sure that this is effectively your horse. Once everything makes sense and is in order, you must simply click on the ‘Check’ and you will be able to start completing the profile of your horse.

Step 3: Complete the Profile of your Horse

We will first ask you to upload great quality images and videos of the horse.

Our best advice would be for you to upload clear pictures of the body, great pictures of the head as well as some high quality media of the horse competing.

We will then ask you to upload the relevant veterinary medias, such as the most recent x-rays of the horse if they are available and any pre-purchase examination. In the case in which you do not have a recent vet-check don’t worry. BRIDL’s team is going to be working with a great network of vets and clinics to ensure the effective organisation of pre-purchase veterinary examination.

We will also require you to provide us extra information:

  • A brief description of the Horse
  • The Sex
  • The Height
  • The Category
  • The Colour
  • The Current Location of the Horse
  • The Year of birth

As well as, your current relation to the horse: Are you the owner? Are you an intermediary to the trade?

You can use BRIDL as an intermediary too, we will just make sure to have the relevant information about the horses’s ownership at all times.

In order to have a horse on our catalog, we will ask you to provide us with the identification paper of the horse, as well as a price range.

Note: If you’re not comfortable with providing a price range for your horse, you will be able to choose ‘Price upon request’ and the potentially interested buyer will find out about the price of the horse when asked.

Upon the given price range, BRIDL will automatically calculate the listing price which will be the estimated price range showcased on the platform.

Step 4: Sign the Trade Contract

The final step to list a horse on the platform will be the signature of the trade contract. You will be able to sign the trade document directly from the platform, whether you’re on your phone, your tablet or the laptop. It’s made to be super easy and fast.

Once this contract is signed, our team will review the horse to make sure that it fits with our expectations and that it would correspond to our clientele. If it the case, your horse will be listed within the platform.

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