Grand Prix Rider Carolina Villanueva innovating in Equestrian Sport

A topic talked about so extensively within the industry, ‘Game Changers’ – but who are those people exactly and what have they contributed to within the Equestrian world you might ask, one of those Game-changers is Carolina Villanueva. Bridl is interested in game-changers that innovate the industry. An industry with culture and pride – we’re […]

Buying a Horse online: Why it’s time to digitise Equine trade?

For everyone within the Equestrian industry, we all know how things are. We all understand the challenges and the problems faced within the industry. As you know, the market is fairly archaic and old. In the past 100 years not much has changed. A lot of things that are today happening are the same as […]

Our Product Demo

As you know BRIDL has been launched in order to bring transparency, security and ease to the process of buying and selling Horses. We’re extremely driven by achieving our vision and making this a reality for the Equestrian market. The first version of the platform is now live and it’s now the opportunity for us […]

Add a Horse for Sale to our Catalog

You’re now a member of BRIDL and you want to sell a horse with us? Our team will be here to help you during the entire sales process, however know that once you have a validated user account, you will be able to add horses for sale directly from the platform’s dashboard. Step 1: Click […]

Create your Account on BRIDL


Becoming a member of BRIDL will definitely bring you significant benefits. Whether you’re a buyer, a dealer or a seller, we’re ensuring that BRIDL brings you the best transparency, security and ease in the moment of buying and selling a Sports Horse.  Once you entered the website: you will directly get on our landing […]