Buying a Horse online: Why it’s time to digitise Equine trade?

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For everyone within the Equestrian industry, we all know how things are. We all understand the challenges and the problems faced within the industry.

As you know, the market is fairly archaic and old. In the past 100 years not much has changed. A lot of things that are today happening are the same as they were five-hundred years ago. The equipment, the dynamics, the people all act in a very similar way as many years ago. And if we talk about buying a horse, then the conversation is even more complex..

The Equestrian Market needs an update.

On one end, we can indeed consider that it has many perks: we’re looking at a very traditional industry, which is shaped in a certain way by culture, traditions and care.

On another hand, we’re looking at an industry which is still very much complex to navigate, where many players still act in a very closed minded and shallow way. We’re looking at an industry where there is a certain culture for scamming, with hidden commissions, purposeful miscommunication, and poor data veracity.

You also know that it’s a taboo conversation. There is also a certain blame put on the ones daring to approach these conversations, trying to change these dynamics, disrupting the market’s mentality and trying to bring to the light the problems of the industry. You know better than I do, how complex this industry is.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but you surely know someone who’s been scammed when buying a horse. Whether this is with the purchase of a horse which wasn’t healthy, the unfair hidden payment of commissions or the poor transparency related to pedigree or Sports result.

Many people want to deny the issues of the market but truly you’re aware, like everyone about the issues of our sector. It’s a very taboo topic to approach, a risky conversation to have but one that we must bring to light. More than ever with the development of technological solutions, industries that have always been shallow, and poorly satisfying are being changed, bettered and disrupted.

If we want the best for our Sport, we must take the matter in our own hands and ensure that things better. It’s challenging. It might seem impossible to many but it is from far one of the most important thing that our sport needs.

In the past few years, the industry has advanced, slowly but surely. The growth of the internet has allowed sellers to showcase their horses to a wider public, the advertising platforms allowed a stronger centralisation of what has always been a poorly scalable industry.

However, despite the small advancements, despite the fact that today you can search Horses for sale on facebook groups, websites, social media. Despite the fact that you can easily obtain the data of any horse on the website of the FEI or on other data services, no system permits the entire centralisation of the trade. Have you ever heard of systems allowing the entire organisation of vet checks, trials, information exchange, payment in one place?

I haven’t and that’s why BRIDL is now here to grow and stay.

In the past few years we’ve also seen advancements of media sharing through platforms like ClipMyHorse, Youtube, Whatsapp and social medias. There is certainly a strong advancement in the industry but so much still needs to be done.

Why in our industry can we not organise the purchase operation of a horse in a few clicks? Why do we have to spend hours trying to figure out the organisation of transport? Why do we have to waste time on the phone trying to organise an export to the US? Why do we have to continuously ask ourselves: but who is really involved in the sales operation?

These are questions among many others. Too many of those problems find themselves completely unsolved, poorly taken care of. We’re facing a very big challenge, an issue where little of us see a solution.

However in every problem, there is a solution. In every problem, there is an opportunity to better. That’s why we’re here, taking risks on the daily, fighting against the odds and working towards something better.

About a year ago, we started working on the operations of BRIDL. We started thinking of concepts and solutions that could lead Equestrian Sports to a new era. We looked at the development of solutions for the bettering of the industry. We looked at ways in which we could bring a fresh perspective to what is currently poorly managed, fragmented, tiring, challenging and completely decentralised.

Some of you might have thought of BRIDL as an advertising platform; simply because at the current moment that’s kinda of what it looks like. In fact we’re much more than this: we’re a new trade concept. We’re here to make the life of so many people easier, from the rider, the commissioner to the investors and the service providers.

Without telling you too much about us yet, you can know that the big challenge of BRIDL has only started. We’re here to bring innovation to the entire process of Equine trade, we’re here to bring solutions to the biggest problems faced in the moment of purchase, operation management and export.

We’re here to build the solution that the market never got access to.

It’s important for you to know that we want our sellers and our buyers to be actively part of this operation. We want to work closely to you, to understand exactly where your problems are, what you waste time on and what challenges you face.

BRIDL is committed to the bettering of the entire process of trade. We’re committed to bring you ease, transparency, security and satisfaction. More than ever our industry needs bettering and we’re confident that Equestrian Sports with BRIDL is only going to better.

We’re here to stay and we’re here to make Equine Trade, easy.

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