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Becoming a member of BRIDL will definitely bring you significant benefits. Whether you’re a buyer, a dealer or a seller, we’re ensuring that BRIDL brings you the best transparency, security and ease in the moment of buying and selling a Sports Horse. 

Once you entered the website: you will directly get on our landing page, which will show you a simple menu and a basic overview of who we are.

By clicking on the ‘Signup’ button, which you can see here, you will create your own account. It’s important for you to know that to have access to the network of BRIDL and be part of our sales network, you will have your identity verified. This allows us to bring more security and transparency to the overall process of sales. 

Before signing up, make sure that you can provide us a copy of your identification documents.

Step 1: Provide us some basic personal information

When creating your account, we will first ask you to provide some information about yourself: 

  • Your First and Last Name 
  • Your Email 
  • Your Phone Number 
  • A Password of your choice

Step 2: Verification of your Identity

In the second place, we will verify your identity by requiring a photo of your ID.

Why are we asking for the ID?

BRIDL is not an advertising platform, we’re a transactional platform. We want to support you from the moment in which you add a horse to our catalog until this horse is in the home of his new owner. For this reason, to undertake the transfer of funds, the process of trade, the signature of the trade contracts etc. we must ensure to know exactly who we’re dealing with.

As you can see on the image above, nothing easier than uploading a scan, a screenshot or a clear picture of your ID. In terms of data protection, it’s important for you to note that BRIDL will not be storing the information, the ones who will be in charge of storing the information will be our secured KYC and payment provider. This ensures another level of security for our platform and for your information.

(We’re happy to answer questions relating to data, email us at

As a second part of your identity verification, we will just ask you to provide us with some extra information about yourself: 

  • Your Address
  • Your Postal Code
  • Your City 
  • Your Country of Residence
  • Your Nationality 
  • Your Date of Birth 
  • A brief bio of what you do (for our team only)

Once all these steps are completed, we will simply ask you to review our sales policies and our terms and conditions. Our team will then review your profile and if everything is complete, you will be granted the access to our platform as buyer and seller of great quality sports horses.

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