How is BRIDL selling TOP Horses Digitally?

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If a few years ago, we had told you that many people would be trading horses online, you would have thought that we were crazy and that we were way advanced in our time. You would be surprised to see that during the pandemic everything has changed, people had to adapt like never before to what is the ‘new normal’. The team of BRIDL has worked tirelessly during months to put together what is currently the version number one of our platform.

We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from the market and a lot of sellers are joining us on the adventure to trade horses digitally, which is indeed surprising but makes a lot of sense.

BRIDL is much different than all the other platforms on the market, we’re not here to charge you to advertise your horses, we’re here to operate like an agency would do, for a much lower commission. Working with BRIDL allows you to scout horses from all over the world in an easy, anonymous and secured manner.

What are the advantages for Sellers?

  1. Working with BRIDL as a seller allows you to showcase your horses to potential investors and buyers from all other the world for free. BRIDL will not be taking any fee on the operation unless the horse is actually sold through us.
  2. You can take us on the go and quite literally sell horses from anywhere at anytime. We’re the only ones on the market who have an app specifically focused on trading and that trust me is pretty awesome!
  3. Working with BRIDL gives you a dedicated team focused on helping you find buyers for your horses in the easiest and less-time consuming manner possible. As mentioned before we’re not an advertising platform, which means that we’re the ones taking the calls from the clients, we’re the ones organising the trials, the vet check and everything else for you. And you don’t have to pay for anything. It’s only beneficial so enjoy it.
  4. Selling your horse through BRIDL is actually not devaluing your horse, at all. We’re very selective when it comes to our catalog, every horse that is listed for sale with us is assured to have a great pedigree and strong sports results. If that’s not the case, we will simply not propose this horse for sale. We focus on quality before anything else.

What are the advantages for Buyers and Investors?

  1. Working with BRIDL as a buyer or investor is great advantage for anyone wanting to keep their operation private. If you work with us our team is 100% focused on keeping your requirements confidential. If you are an investor wanting to keep your anonymity that’s totally possible. We believe that no one should pay bigger commissions just because of who they are. Working with us guarantees that to you.
  2. Scouting horses has never been easier. Our team is very driven by providing you with the best service possible when it comes to buying horses, whether you’re an experienced or a new buyer: you shouldn’t be the one wasting time to negotiate and manage the trades. Our team is there for you to organise your operation in a very tailored and personalised way. Whether you’re scouting for a horse, wanting to organise a trip to Europe to try many horses that might fit you, our team is available for you.
  3. We only have quality. BRIDL is focused on keeping a very high-standard catalog at all time. If we find that a horse on our catalog doesn’t correspond to the level required anymore or that we have potential issues with a seller we will always take action and keep them out of the network. Our number one priority is keeping our catalog and our community at the highest standard possible, at all time!

Without telling you too much just yet, BRIDL is going to be launching a bunch of fantastic features which we believe will provide enormous value to the market. Stay tuned and trade with BRIDL.

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