Meet Jordan McCabe: Founder of Aztec Diamond Equestrian

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Last week, we had a pleasure to discuss with Jordan McCabe, she is the founder of Aztec Diamond Equestrian. In this episode of Game Changer, our CEO ‘Marie Marks’ and ‘Jordan McCabe’ discussed about entrepreneurship, innovation and their mutual passion for Equestrian Sports: you can listen to the podcast clicking here.

Jordan McCabe founded Aztec Diamond Equestrian at 18. A college drop- out entrepreneur who has received, after 6 years running her business, the Lloyd Bank Entrepreneur of the year prize, what prompted her to earn a spot on the Forbes List 30 under 30.

In this episode of Game Changers, she explained to us the difficulty of starting her company in the Equestrian World. With hard work, Jordan however managed to build what we can consider a successful company out of plenty of hard work and effort.

She started Aztec Diamond Equestrian out of for her passion for horses, but realised along time that her real passion lied in running her own business while leading the design of innovative equestrian fashion.

Her biggest achievement has not been only to create a successful business and build a great team of people, but also growing a community around the name, with more than 260 000 followers on Instagram who strongly influenced the success of her brand.

Jordan confessed to our team that her life doesn’t only have to do with the glamorous life of the entrepreneur, but that a lot of time is spent behind her computer and in the office answering emails and planning the progression of her company.

Her main advice for entrepreneurs is the importance of word of mouth. She mentioned that founders need to find ways for their companies to be associated and related with recognised Brand Ambassadors that represent the values behind the brand. She also considers that having a mentor is very important. Jordan personally had a mentor who advised her to structure the business internally and solve problems such as warehouse space management, inventory organisation and cash flow decisions.

Looking ahead, the future of the brand looks promising, with more than 150 new items coming up this summer, her vision is to reinforce her position in the United Kingdom, and be able to expand her business in North America next year.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian is a growing company that everyone out there should keep their eyes on, and if you need nice breeches: you know where to find them.

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