The Growth of Digitisation in Show Jumping.

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Throughout the last decade, the globalisation of markets and the development of new technologies has caused many industries to digitise their processes seeking new channels for the supply of their products and services.

The showjumping market, an industry that has always kept its traditional customs and which had always thrived through word of mouth and face-to-face interaction has been forced into this new paradigm.

During the last few years and especially due to the Covid pandemic, showjumping has been digitised in ways that people could not have
imagined ten years ago.

Riders from all over the world are involving more and more technology in their day-to-day operations. Whether it is to close sales or to manage their horses’ operations: digitisation has become inevitable.

Some companies participating to the digitisation of the showjumping industry include:

  • Clip My Horse: the leading streaming platform for horse shows, allowing people all over the world to review the performance of horses at the shows.
  • Noelle Floyd: E-learning platform helping amateurs and riders obtain knowledge and expertise from some of the best experts in the market.
  • Equilab: A solution for stable and training management
  • Bridl: First transparent sales platform focused on bringing as much transparency as possible to the sales of high-quality Competition Horses.
  • Strider’s: The #1 Professional Equestrian Event Platform

Nowadays, most horse shows are streamed online, giving people the opportunity of watching live classes in any country.

We’ve seen the growth of companies like Ecuestre Digital or ClipMyHorse allowing riders to review the performance of horses without needing to physically be at the show.

These platforms have strongly participated in the development of the trade process’s digitisation, helping any potential buyers to review a horse at any time of the day and from anywhere.

This new trend was the beginning of the digitisation process which to this day greatly impacted the industry. Stables and dealers began to take advantage of streaming features to generate awareness for the horses that they had available for sale.

In addition, technology and a pandemic that has disconnected buyers from sellers led many big stables to rethink how they wanted to sell their horses. BRIDL is truly here to provide solutions to international stables wanting to sell their horses a in smooth and easy condition. The creation of our marketplace has allowed small breeders in Europe to sell their horses to clients all over the world without having to worry much about the process.

Digitisation was also seen through the number of online auctions we saw in the last few years. We strongly believe that auctions are indeed fun but only fulfil one of the many needs of our industry. We believe that there is a space for the digitisation of all services related to the trade and that this is ultimately what should be considered a priority.

BRIDL is currently working on the development of new initiatives which we believe you could love using in the future.

With Covid-19, social media and digital communication: more and more buyers found themselves buying horses remotely without ever trying them. This led us to see a strong need for a trusted third party who could act in ensuring that deals were undertaken in the best interest of every party.

BRIDL has been focusing a fair amount of energy on the development of solutions that help riders from all horizons buy horses in a simple secure way. Our process has already been very successful, with a fair number of sales to America.

Digitising the showjumping business comes with advantages for both buyers and sellers. Buyers greatly benefit from digital tools as it brings more transparency to the deals when for sellers it provides them the ability to showcase their horses to buyers all over the world.

We believe that a great deal of improvement needs to be developed in the show-jumping market. Our team is thrilled and excited to see what BRIDL will be capable of achieving in 2022 and how much value we will bring industry.

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