CHACOON BLUE x CANABIS Z’s Legacy: Camargo Champion Show Jumper in the 6-Year-Old Classes

Introducing CAMARGO V/D HOLSTENHOEVE, a remarkable show jumping horse born in 2017. With his impressive bloodlines, Camargo possesses the potential to excel in the world of competitive show jumping.

Camargo is a proud member of the AES studbook, a testament to his exceptional lineage and breeding. His pedigree is a combination of two highly accomplished horses, his mother CERRIER D’AELSTERHOF Z and his father CHACOON BLUE.

CERRIER D’AELSTERHOF Z, Camargo’s mother, has already proven herself as a valuable producer of talented show jumpers. Her offspring include CABALLINA, who is currently jumping at 1.30 meters under the skillful guidance of Annabel SHIELDS from Great Britain. Additionally, DONDER SLAGE, another sibling of Camargo, is showcasing its prowess in the arena, currently performing impressively at the 1.35-meter level with Daisy MCKINLAY, also from Great Britain. These achievements speak volumes about the genetic potential and jumping ability inherited by Camargo.

Moving on to Camargo’s father, CHACOON BLUE, a son of the renowned Chacco-Blue, his success and influence in the show jumping world are undeniable. With Philip RÜPING from Germany in the saddle, CHACOON BLUE has competed at the highest level of the sport, proving his exceptional talent and versatility. Bred by Gestüt Lewitz in Mühlen, Germany, CHACOON BLUE has made a name for himself as a top-class competitor.

The offspring of CHACOON BLUE are already making waves in international youngster classes, further establishing his reputation as a sire of talented show jumpers. Notable examples include Chacoon’s Fly PS, sold at a high price in the prestigious P.S.I. auction, as well as Chacoon’s Nevo PS, Boegegaardens Chacoon, Cero Blue TN, and C-Quattro PS, among others. These young horses are already proving their worth in the show jumping arena, demonstrating the inheritable qualities passed down by CHACOON BLUE.

On the dam sire’s side, Camargo’s pedigree is further strengthened by his connection to CANABIS Z. This exceptional stallion, who jumped at the 1.60-meter level with Jos Lansink from the Netherlands, has an illustrious career both in sport and breeding. CANABIS Z, a son of the legendary sire Contender, carries the influential genes of Silvester and foundation stallion Cor de la Bryere. His lineage, combined with the strong Holsteiner line 990, adds depth and excellence to Camargo’s pedigree.

CANABIS Z’s progeny have excelled in top-level show jumping competitions, with notable achievements such as Olympic mare Cadjanine Z, European Championship participant Carolus Z, and World Cup winner Carrabis Z. These remarkable offspring, renowned for their exceptional reflexes, technique, attitude, and conformation, are a testament to the quality of breeding provided by CANABIS Z.

In conclusion, Camargo V/D Holstenhoeve represents a unique combination of exceptional bloodlines and innate talent. With his impressive heritage, including the influential sires CHACOON BLUE and CANABIS Z, Camargo holds the promise of becoming a top-level show jumping athlete. His breeding reflects a carefully curated selection of proven performers, ensuring that he possesses the qualities necessary to excel in the demanding world of show jumping.


Camargo has participated in over 45 competitions since 2015. During these competitions, he has achieved notable success, including 5 wins and over 22 placings. This showcases Camargo’s consistent performance and ability to compete at a high level.

Additionally, Camargo has displayed promising performances in Italy, with wins in the CSIYH1* 6yo Class 103 (1.25m) in Busto Arsizio and the CSIYH1* Class 2 (1.25m) in Oliva – Valencia, Spain. These victories further underscore Camargo’s talent and potential as a show jumper.

Undeniably, Camargo has been making significant strides in the competitive sphere of young horse competitions, especially within the 5 and 6-year-old classes. This, in conjunction with his exceptional performance in schooling and educational classes, underscores his early flourishing career and paints an inspiring picture of his noteworthy achievements for such a youthful competitor.

On the whole, the trajectory of Camargo’s career is one of promise and anticipation in the show jumping realm. His track record of consistent wins, commendable placings, and stand-out performances, fortified by his educational class excellence, strongly hints at a bright future. It propels the belief that Camargo has the potential to soar higher and establish himself as a leading name in the world of show jumping.

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