Marie Marks – CEO At BRIDL


Whatsapp Number: +44 7537 142345

Leads the charge in revolutionizing the equine trade landscape. With a relentless passion for innovation, she aims to create a cutting-edge marketplace that seamlessly connects buyers and sellers in the sports horse industry.

Drawing from her extensive background in startups, venture capital, and horses, Marie brings a unique perspective to the table. Her keen eye for identifying high-potential opportunities and driving strategic growth has fueled the success of numerous startups.

As an entrepreneur, Marie is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, leveraging technology and transparency to transform the equine trade process and ensure a secure and efficient experience for buyers and sellers worldwide.

Joseph Harding – Chief Of Operations


Whatsapp Number: +44 7537 143235

Passionate entrepreneur and U.S Marine Veteran, Joseph brings a wealth of experience in startups, sustainability, and leadership to his role as COO at BRIDL.

With a proven track record of building enduring greatness, Joseph combines personal humility with professional will. He is a highly self-motivated individual who excels in analyzing and diagnosing complex situations.

Joseph’s commitment to continuous self-improvement, education, and training drives his ability to deliver excellence. With his balanced approach and unwavering determination, Joseph plays a vital role in shaping BRIDL’s operational success.

 Ángela Sofía Fariña Framil – Head Of Sales


Whatsapp Number: +44 7537 143438

Strong background in sales operations and a passion for building partnerships, Ángela Sofía Fariña Framil plays a vital role as the Head of Sales Operations at BRIDL.

Drawing from her legal experience and extensive work with startups, Ángela brings a unique perspective to the team. Her expertise in forging strategic partnerships and her understanding of the legal intricacies in the equine trade industry are invaluable assets to BRIDL.

Ángela is a highly motivated professional known for her ability to navigate complex business landscapes and drive successful outcomes.

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