David Guetta, 5* Super Horse is going to Wellington for Sabrina Lefebvre

In the past week, the team of BRIDL, Victoria Gulliksen and Sabrina Lefebvre have been working closely on the development of a new partnership with the departure of David Guetta, the 13yrs old KWPN by Zento and Vigaro for new horizons in America.  The gorgeous gelding who has been owned for years by the Gulliksen […]

Buying a Horse online: Why it’s time to digitise Equine trade?

For everyone within the Equestrian industry, we all know how things are. We all understand the challenges and the problems faced within the industry. As you know, the market is fairly archaic and old. In the past 100 years not much has changed. A lot of things that are today happening are the same as […]