Show Jumping Royalty: Chacoon’s Life PS, Carrying Forward the Legacy of 1.60m Jumper Royce¬†

Presenting CHACOON’S LIFE PS, a captivating grey gelding born in 2016, primed to take the show jumping world by storm.

A direct descendant of the lauded dam Petula, the same lineage as the famous 1.60m jumper Royce, CHACOON’S LIFE PS stands as a testament to equestrian greatness. With such a prestigious dam line, this striking gelding is an exceptional prospect for those riders and investors who recognize the value of a horse destined to leave a mark on the show jumping scene.



Sired by the celebrated Chacoon Blue, CHACOON’S LIFE PS bears the legacy of Chacco-Blue, one of the most influential stallions in show jumping history. Progeny of Chacoon Blue have consistently demonstrated extraordinary athleticism, scope, and agility, solidifying his status as a highly sought-after sire in the industry. This lineage gifts CHACOON’S LIFE PS with a genetic foundation known for birthing successful sport horses.

His dam, VIVA GRANDILOTA, is a daughter of the esteemed stallion Vivant van de Heffinck. Renowned for his robustness, character, maneuverability, and great technique, Vivant’s impact on the international show jumping circuit is undeniable. His descendants have achieved remarkable success, fortifying his standing as one of the top stallions in the sport. By virtue of Vivant as his maternal grandsire, CHACOON’S LIFE PS is endowed with a genetic lineage full of potential for excellence.

However, it’s the dam’s side where CHACOON’S LIFE PS’s pedigree truly shines. His lineage traces back to the influential mare, PETULA, a proven producer of multiple 1.60m jumpers. Notably, Royce, currently standing at Spy Coast Farm Stallions in the United States, has consistently delivered top-level performances. The legacy of Royce and the other successful offspring of PETULA underscores the incredible impact of CHACOON’S LIFE PS’s dam line.

This rich heritage not only bolsters his own potential but is also a testament to the consistency and quality of the bloodlines he originates from. Investing in CHACOON’S LIFE PS means gaining a horse with a meticulously crafted pedigree, an amalgamation of Chacoon Blue’s athleticism, Vivant van de Heffinck’s proven success, and the illustrious lineage of Petula. This synthesis of talent, strength, and superior genetics positions CHACOON’S LIFE PS as a promising prospect in the challenging world of show jumping.

With his exceptional pedigree, innate talent, and the backing of a remarkable lineage, CHACOON’S LIFE PS is undoubtedly a horse with the potential to reach the pinnacle of the sport. This is an unmissable opportunity to be part of a journey that is destined for show jumping success


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