Promising Prodigy: ‘Nothing Els Matters EBH’, an impressive 5-years old stallion

NOTHING ELS MATTERS EBH is an exceptional stallion born in 2018. Hailing from the esteemed lineage of KWPN horses, he is the offspring of Citizen Kane, a son of the renowned Canturo, who has performed at the impressive 1.60-meter level with the Brazilian rider Bernardo Alves. Canturo himself is the last approved son of the legendary jumping sire Cantus, ensuring a lineage of exceptional talent and ability.

Canturo’s pedigree further highlights his exceptional bloodline. His dam is sired by Calando I, a German champion in 1984 ridden by Karsten Huck, adding another layer of excellence to NOTHING ELS MATTERS EBH’s lineage. 

The influence of Calando I, along with Cantus and other influential horses, contributes to the exceptional jumping abilities and talent displayed by NOTHING ELS MATTERS EBH.

On the dam’s side, NOTHING ELS MATTERS EBH’s mother is sired by Ukato, a top-performing showjumper and the son of Stakkato, one of the most esteemed jumper sires in Germany. Ukato’s own performance record includes numerous first-place wins in the Netherlands and a victory in the Grand Prix of Dresden. His offspring have also excelled in trials and competitions for young jumpers.

The first dam of NOTHING ELS MATTERS EBH, Charline, has a notable record in producing successful jumpers. Her progeny includes Jamaica EBH, who has jumped up to 1.40 meters with Jane Annett, and Hobalo, who has competed at the 1.45-meter level with riders such as Joseph Clayton, Kayleigh Watts, and Tim Gredley. Another offspring, Gerlain, has achieved heights of 1.50 meters.

The second dam, Perline, has also made significant contributions to the sport with her offspring. Valhalla, a product of Perline, has reached the 1.50-meter level with the French rider Lisa Kircher. E-Toulana, another offspring, has jumped at the 1.50-meter level with Bhaskar Dasgupta, and Iperline has achieved heights of 1.40 meters with Mariano Martinez Bastida.

In summary, NOTHING ELS MATTERS EBH is a standout stallion with an exceptional pedigree and remarkable talent. With influences from renowned sires such as Canturo, Cantus, Stakkato, Calando I, and Ukato, he carries the promise of impressive achievements in the showjumping arena.

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