Amadora’s Legacy Lives On: Summer Breeze Z, the Rising Star Connecting the Best of SATISFACTION FRH Bloodlines

In the world of show jumping, the legacy of exceptional mares often carries forward through their offspring. One such mare, Amadora, has left an indelible mark on the sport with her remarkable show jumping career. Now, her legacy lives on through her offspring, including the rising star Summer Breeze Z. With a lineage connecting the best of SATISFACTION FRH and Amadora bloodlines, Summer Breeze Z emerges as a promising young horse with immense potential and a bright future in the competitive arena. Let’s delve into the story behind Summer Breeze Z and the influential role played by his extraordinary dam, Amadora.

Amadora: A Show Jumping Sensation

Amadora, a mare of extraordinary talent and determination, has been a force to be reckoned with in the world of show jumping. Born from the bloodlines of Chin Chin and Indoctro, she possesses a combination of power, grace, and an unwavering competitive spirit. Throughout her illustrious career, Amadora has conquered the heights of the 1.60m level competitions, amassing international prize money and consistently delivering top 20 performances.

Her impressive achievements include shining on prestigious stages such as the CSI5*-W in Calgary and the CSI5* in Aachen. Amadora’s prowess in the arena has earned her a reputation as a formidable competitor and a symbol of excellence in the sport. It is this remarkable mare who serves as the foundation of Summer Breeze Z’s lineage, passing on her exceptional traits and laying the groundwork for his promising future.



Complementing Amadora’s impressive legacy is the influential sire, SATISFACTION FRH. With a pedigree that includes the renowned Stakkato, SATISFACTION FRH has established himself as one of the preeminent stallions in the world of show jumping. Guided by acclaimed riders Ludger Beerbaum and Marco Kutscher, SATISFACTION FRH has consistently showcased his remarkable talent and competitiveness on the grandest stages of the sport.

Possessing a compact build, SATISFACTION FRH brings together a blend of blood, flexibility, impressive locomotion, and an exceptional character. These qualities have made him a favorite among breeders and riders, with his offspring already making their mark in international competitions. With Summer Breeze Z as one of his remarkable progenies, SATISFACTION FRH’s genetic legacy continues to flourish.


Summer Breeze Z: A Promising Rising Star

 Born from the fusion of Amadora’s exceptional lineage and SATISFACTION FRH’s stellar genetic heritage, Summer Breeze Z emerges as a young horse brimming with potential. With each stride, he carries the legacy of his illustrious dam, Amadora, and the genetic prowess of his renowned sire, SATISFACTION FRH. With a combination of power, athleticism, and an unyielding competitive spirit, Summer Breeze Z is poised to make a lasting impact in the show jumping arena.

As he matures and continues his training, all eyes are on Summer Breeze Z, eager to witness his ascent to greatness. With his impressive bloodlines and early glimpses of talent, he embodies the spirit of his exceptional predecessors, forging his path towards a future as a top-level competitor. Summer Breeze Z is a testament to the enduring legacy of Amadora and the breeding excellence that she represents.

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