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The General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Sales Policies govern the access and use of this website, located at the URL address, https://www.bridl.co, hereinafter referred to as the “Website”.

Any use, consultation or connection on the app or website concludes that the user understands, accepts and respects the General Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policies and the Sales Policies. The use of the website and the app presupposes the understanding and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policies and Sales Policies.

1. Definitions

The terms and expressions identified by a capital or minimal letter in these General Terms and Conditions of Use and these Sales Conditions, including both precedent paragraphs are defined below, whether used in the singular or in the plural forms.

  • Buyer: The buyer is recognized as the User who signed a contract with the Vendor of the Equid to purchase an Equid through BRIDL’s Website or App.
  • Bridl’s Commission: Bridl’s Commission is characterized as a percentage (before VAT), applied to the Vendor’s offered sale price of the Equid(s). 

Bridl’s Commission corresponds to a 5 to 10% applied to the Vendor’s offered sale price of the Equid(s) before VAT. The commission rate has been agreed between the vendor and BRIDL, previously to the publishing of the Equid on our website or app; the agreement is clearly stated in the contract between BRIDL and the vendor of the Equid. Once the Vendor has decided the price of the equid, it will be offered as final price in our website and App with a 5 to 10% increase.  

  • General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales Policies: This settlement regulates the relations between BRIDL, and the users of both the Website and the App. In the proceedings between the Vendor and the Buyer, the BRIDL/Seller contract and the Sales Contract will prevail over these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales Policies. 
  • Sales Contract: The sales contract is the written settlement signed between the Vendor of the Equid and the Buyer. As BRIDL is acting as an intermediary to the transaction, it is not a party of the Sales Contract.
  • BRIDL/Vendor Contract: written settlement signed between BRIDL and the Vendor of the Equid, recognizing BRIDL as an intermediary and commissioner between the Vendor and the Buyer; and authorizing the transfer of the payment funds via a secured escrow account, Mangopay. The payment funds are separated respectively between the intermediaries to the trade and to the seller.
  • BRIDL: the company, BRIDL LIMITED, a private limited company, headquartered at 130, Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD, GB-ENG , is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, limited by shares, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales (Company Number 13098461).BRIDL is the publisher of the Website and the App.
  • Services: All services and services from partner companies proposed by BRIDL on its website and App are referable and described on our Website, App and our general terms and conditions of use. 
  • Website: Our Website is accessible at the link https://www.bridl.co 
  • User: Identifies any Vendor or Buyer, or all natural and legal persons, acting for themselves or as a representative of third parties, using and browsing the Website and the App after having read, understood and agreed to the General Terms and Conditions of use. 
  • Seller: Refers to the vendor of the Equid signing a contract with the Buyer selling a horse through the BRIDL website and/or app.

2. Acknowledgement of BRIDL’s general terms and conditions of use 

BRIDL allows anyone to use its services as long as all Users acknowledge and agree to BRIDL’s general terms and conditions of use. The settlement between BRIDL and all users collectively (referred to as the ‘Parties’) considers the contract which consists of these General Terms and Conditions of Use. 

BRIDL is entitled with the right to make modifications and updates to the General Terms and Conditions of Use whenever wished. BRIDL is committed to inform all users of the website and app when a modification and addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales Policies is done; the notification of these changes will be notified on the first page of the website/app. 

We then consider that if a user continues to use the website, app and service provided after the modification and updates of the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sales Policies, he/she/it completely understands and accepts the modified and updated General Terms and Conditions of Use and the Sales Policies. 

3. Access to the website

A) The Website content, the App and Services are available in English.

The Website and App are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There could be exceptions in case of maintenance interventions or changes required for the necessary functioning of the Website and App. Any planned maintenance or required changes will be notified to the users upfront on the homepage of both the website and app. 

BRIDL is fully entitled to making these changes and shall not be held responsible in the event of any interruption of access to the App, the Services or the Website whether total or partial. In the case of an interruption which doesn’t involve the maintenance or the interruption of the system by BRIDL, our users could consider these problems linked to telecommunications operators, transmissions errors, or any problem linked to the transmissions security, or in the case of failure from the User’s devices, reception equipment or telephone line. 

B)  The access to the website or app requires a sufficient broadband Internet connection and the use of an appropriate terminal. Our users might face possible fees relating to internet access; BRIDL shall not be considered liable or responsible for the User’s expenses or to its failure to connect due to connectivity, speed problems relating to network connectivity congestion or to the use of a poorly efficient network. 

C) The BRIDL Website and App are free and unlimited to use, until a sales transaction between the Vendor and Buyer of an Equid is considered. We offer a portal of different services: 

  • The Customized and Filter-Powered Search of Equid for Sale. Our buyers can browse a catalog of Equid with their own filters and characteristics which will represent their needs and searches. The Equids presents within our catalog are categorized into breeds, rider level, age, competitive quality etc. 

Nota Bene: The Search of an Equid undertaken solely by the buyer without the use of BRIDL as an intermediary involves no guarantee from BRIDL at any stage of the process. We shall not be held responsible or liable for any issue. 

  • The Buying Visit: When a potential buyer has chosen an Equid of his choice and decides to undertake a personalized testing tour, BRIDL can help with the organization of the itinerary, the schedule of the testing, the reservations and the confirmation of the Buying Visit(s). We will be able to provide our clients with a cost estimate of the Buying visit/ Buying trip at the best of our ability. Our potential buyers will be able to test several horses in several days depending on the location of the stables and on the investment project of the Buyer.  

We consider that for anyone wanting to purchase an Equid, the testing phase is absolutely necessary. In order to test an Equid, the buyer will require to go through BRIDL in order to make a testing demand. The request will then be given to the vendor within the group chat between BRIDL, the buyer and the vendor.

In the case of an accident suffered during the test phase by the Equid, the Vendor, the Buyer, any third party or any degradation: BRIDL shall not be responsible. The sole responsibility is given to the Buyer of the Equid, for this reason we strongly recommend having a great insurance coverage. 

  • The Veterinary Protocol:  If you have chosen an Equid from our catalog, please consider that we strongly recommend you to undertake a veterinary protocol examination. During the listing of an Equid on our platform, the Vendor might provide us with veterinary information such as the: PPE and the X-Rays; please note that we still advise you to undertake an additional veterinary checkup. 

The Veterinary Protocol Examination is a very important phase to the purchasing process of any Equid. Note that the full expenses related to the Veterinary Protocol Examination are fully assumed by the Buyer according to the settlement between BRIDL and the Buyer. 

When wanting to undertake the veterinary examination, the Buyer should request BRIDL for the veterinary tests; we will in that case provide you with a list of veterinarians who are qualified to treat horses. He/She/It can request undertaking a test with his/her/its own veterinarian however everything has to be passed and agreed through us. BRIDL shall not be responsible or liable for any problems relating to the service provided by the Veterinarian.

  • Contracts

In order to make a great purchase and investment in the best conditions, BRIDL is providing both buyers and sellers several contracts and legal documents recognized as the standard in the International Equine Trade scene. All documents are written by a lawyer with strong expertise in the Equine Trade market. However, every contract must be adapted by de parties to their personal needs and stipulations. BRIDL will not review or be responsible for the terms and conditions written in the final version of the contracts, which will have to be agreed between Vendor and Buyer. The contract drafts will be provided by BRIDL to the Vendor after he/she has accepted and signed the BRIDL/Vendor Contract.

To ensure ease in the process of sale, we propose vendors and buyers to sign all contracts digitally. As BRIDL is acting merely as an intermediary (broker) to the trade, the Sales contracts for the Equid are signed directly between the vendor and the Buyer. BRIDL is not a party of the Sales Contract and shall not be held responsible for an issue or dispute between Buyer(s) and Vendor(s).

  • Transportation of the Equid

After the purchase of your Equid, BRIDL proposes several international and national transportation options. We kept this service optional as you can choose to use your own transportation services, you can directly make an agreement with the vendor, or request us to put you in touch with a recognized and reputable transportation company. In this case, BRIDL shall not be held responsible or liable for the transportation of the Equid, or any issues related to this one. 

The transportation of the Equid to its destination shall be at the expense of either the vendor or the buyer, according with their signed personal purchase agreement. BRIDL cannot be held responsible or liable for the transportation of the Equid as well as any potential damages related to the Equid itself, the Vendor, the Buyer, any third party or degradation. BRIDL may in no occasion be liable as the guardian of the equid in any moment of the transaction or the sales process. 

  • Matching the Vendors and the Buyers: 

As BRIDL is recognized as an intermediary and broker between the Vendor and the Seller, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Claim Handling Policy; 

In the case of an issue between the Website, the App and a user; we invite all users to contact us by mail: hello@bridl.co 

We will ensure to do everything in our hands to achieve a satisfactory solution within reasonable time. In the case of a dispute between the Vendor and the Buyer, we shall not intervene and for this reason advise you to surround yourself by Equestrian Law Specialists in case of a need. 

Vendors and Buyers are strongly encouraged to reach out to each other to find an amicable solution in the best conditions. BRIDL shall not be held responsible or liable for any dispute between the Vendors and the Buyer. 

  • Payment to BRIDL

BRIDL is paid by a commission defined as a percentage of the value of the Equid deducted from the total sales amount before taxes. The commission rate is agreed between the Vendor and BRIDL before the listing of the horse in the contract between BRIDL and the Vendor and it is applied to the final price offered to Buyers. 

According to the BRIDL/Vendor Contract, the Buyer shall transfer the amount corresponding to the price of the Equid directly to BRIDL through the payment platform Mangopay. BRIDL shall then transfer the funds minus the commission to the Vendor within 2 business days from the day the sum is received from the Buyer. In the case of a direct sale, the Buyer deposits the required amount by bank transfer to the intermediary secured escrow account, Stripe. The Buyer of the Equid will have two working days to undertake the transaction which will service as evidence of the transaction. 

In the event of another intermediary involved in the sale of the Equid, the Buyer shall be aware previously of the signature of the contract and the transaction. In that case, the commission of the second broker will be negotiated and paid independently, and BRIDL’S commission will not be affected. 

To keep transactions manageable, we set the limit to one third party broker. We shall not be held responsible for the financial declarations of third party brokers involved in the transactions. BRIDL shall in no way be responsible for the cost of any undeclared intermediary remuneration. 

4. Vendor’s responsibilities regarding the listings

When publishing the listing of an Equid, the vendor shall certify that he/she/it is the owner of the Equid(s) and that he/she/it ensures to always provide the right information. As the vendor, he/she/it agrees to: 

  • Publish listings in an honest and accurate manner. 
  • Provide relevant information about the Equid.

In the event of an international trade operation (for example export of the Equid from Europe to the US), the Vendor and the Buyer are required to undertake the administrative formalities relating to custom declarations, and pay any customs duties required to the relevant authorities. BRIDL shall not be held responsible for the execution of these formalities, whether directly or indirectly. 

During the trade operation, the Vendor and the Buyer of the Equid shall agree on the value of the Equid and choose together the terms and conditions of the sale and transactions within the settlement of the Sales Contract. Any attempt to break and violate the rules of the contract, or the sales policies of BRIDL will be reported to the competent authorities. BRIDL is entitled to the suppression of all accounts of users who do not comply with these rules. 

5. Our Accountability

BRIDL is committed to provide our most recent and precise data and information. In case of mistakes, relevance, lack of accuracy or completeness BRIDL shall not be held responsible or liable. 

Under no circumstances, BRIDL shall be liable for the information disclosed by the Vendor in an advertisement. In the case where you might detect a mistake within the listing of an Equid on our website or our app, please contact us immediately at: hello@bridl.co

BRIDL shall not be liable for any loss, degradation or damages arising from or upon visiting the Website or App caused by the technical environment or the material of the user. 

BRIDL shall not be liable or responsible for the improper use of the Website or App by the user. 

BRIDL shall not be liable or responsible for the reliability of the user’s data transmissions, access time, possible restriction of the internet networks and browser in use by the user. 

BRIDL shall not be held liable for settlements and contracts that are not carried out, or that are carried out ineffectively (purchase, transport, insurance, veterinary service, customs formalities).

BRIDL shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for the information provided by the vendor, the media provided about the Equid, and the declaration from the vendor about the equid. 

BRIDL cannot be held responsible if information concerning the Equid is found to be incorrect, false, misleading or incomplete.

The vendor exempts BRIDL from any liability or third party claim raised from the sale of the equid or breach of terms reached in the sale contract

During the testing phase/trial the Buyer must assume and understand his full responsibility of any accident and/or injury and/or degradation suffered by the Equid and/or a third party.

BRIDL shall in no case be held responsible or liable for accidents and/or injuries and/or degradations suffered by the Equid, the Buyer, the Vendor and/or any third party during the testing phase.

BRIDL is discharged from any culpability regarding the transport of the Equid whether undertaken by a third party company, by the Vendor, by the Buyer or by a company proposed by BRIDL; as well as any casualty to the Equid that may happen during this same transportation phase.

BRIDL may in no time be responsible and/or held liable for the guardianship of the Equid. We shall not be held responsible for the Equid at no time during the transaction, before and after. 

In the event of a conflict between the Vendors and the Buyers on the Website, BRIDL shall not be held liable or obligated to intervene. We shall be free of allegations, any hardship present, past or future, assumed or not, detected or not, proceeding straightforwardly or not, or relating to such claims. 

6. User Obligations

The Website, App and Services provided by BRIDL are reserved for Users, Natural and/or Legal persons whether for the personal or professionals needs and benefits. 

All Users of the Website, App and Services provided by BRIDL promise not to discommode with the effective operations of the Website, App and Services provided by BRIDL especially with the blocking or modifying of the regular data flow, ensure to never illegally obtaining the Website’s, App’s, or Services’ information system or the absoluteness of its database causing disruption or modification.  

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