David Guetta, 5* Super Horse is going to Wellington for Sabrina Lefebvre

In the past week, the team of BRIDL, Victoria Gulliksen and Sabrina Lefebvre have been working closely on the development of a new partnership with the departure of David Guetta, the 13yrs old KWPN by Zento and Vigaro for new horizons in America.  The gorgeous gelding who has been owned for years by the Gulliksen […]

How-To Buy a Show-Jumper in the Best conditions?

Since forever, it’s been considered a real challenge to buy a perfect horse. Simply because there are no ‘perfect’ horses out there. Buyers, whether amateurs, professionals or dealers find themselves often facing the challenges of poorly structured trade processes, a lack of understanding and experience.  Since Covid-19, the opportunities to travel to Europe and try […]

Meet Jordan McCabe: Founder of Aztec Diamond Equestrian

Last week, we had a pleasure to discuss with Jordan McCabe, she is the founder of Aztec Diamond Equestrian. In this episode of Game Changer, our CEO ‘Marie Marks’ and ‘Jordan McCabe’ discussed about entrepreneurship, innovation and their mutual passion for Equestrian Sports: you can listen to the podcast clicking here. Jordan McCabe founded Aztec […]

The Fundamentals of VAT when buying or selling a Horse.

The international sales of horses are frequent and VAT invoicing methods can sometimes be complicated to understand for amateurs and professionals. We decided to cover in this article, the topic of taxes to ensure to bring you clarity and help when it comes to understanding the taxes when buying, selling, importing and exporting a horse. […]

How is BRIDL selling TOP Horses Digitally?

If a few years ago, we had told you that many people would be trading horses online, you would have thought that we were crazy and that we were way advanced in our time. You would be surprised to see that during the pandemic everything has changed, people had to adapt like never before to […]

Nuno Tiago Gomes – Portuguese Rider

We’re happy to count Nuno Tiago Gomes among the brand ambassadors of BRIDL. This young Portuguese rider seems to have a very promising future and a strong consistency in the show ring. Nuno was born in 1999, in Oporto in Portugal. From his 21 years of age, he has already competed in 7 European Championships: […]

Santiago Nuñez Riva: The Unique Bond with the Horse.

Written by : Nikola Aleksandra for BRIDL.CO A bond between a horse and its rider is a bond that carries the weight of dignity, care and teamwork. For Santiago Nunez Riva, Spanish Grand Prix Rider life with the horses has been nothing but sweat and tears of joy as he works his way through to […]

Grand Prix Rider Carolina Villanueva innovating in Equestrian Sport

A topic talked about so extensively within the industry, ‘Game Changers’ – but who are those people exactly and what have they contributed to within the Equestrian world you might ask, one of those Game-changers is Carolina Villanueva. Bridl is interested in game-changers that innovate the industry. An industry with culture and pride – we’re […]